April Update

April greetings! Here are a few items for our April update:

Welcome to New Members!

As a new gardening season gets underway, we’d first like to welcome our new members. Hope you have a good first year of growing in our community garden. Please feel free to email or ask anyone in the garden if you have any questions.

“Giving Plot”—Next Steps

We’re looking for volunteers to help with next steps on the “Giving Plot”:

  • The rye grass that was planted as a cover crop last fall can now be dug under. Anyone who has time, please feel free to turn it over.
  • If you’d like to donate seeds, please place them in the mailbox inside the shed (the mailbox is on the inside shed wall, to the right when facing outside). We’re looking for the following seeds: various types of lettuce, tomatoes, kale, bush zucchini, bush peas, bush beans, radish, squash, and green onions.

Mushroom Manure

Mushroom manure for all to share is expected to be delivered this week. As in the past, the pile of manure will be located next to the large gate at the west end of the garden. Please help yourself to what you need for your plot. Wheelbarrows are in the shed.

Spring Work Party on Saturday, April 15th from 10 am to Noon

The spring work party will focus on general cleanup around the garden, etc. We completed several infrastructure projects last year, so this year will focus on general garden maintenance as well as the “Giving Plot.”

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Here’s to another season of good growing!

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