The Giving Garden: Update from Gill

On behalf of the Giving Garden team, I want to thank everyone for their donations of seeds and plants. Based on what we have received, we should be good for seeds for this season and beyond.

Last weekend our volunteer team sectioned off four areas for wildflowers, strawberries and native plants to attract bees and butterflies. We also planted peas under a tepee-style trellis, as well as red onions and radishes. 

Other plantings this past week include arugula, tomatoes, lettuce, and kale. As the season rolls on, we plan to follow up with lettuce planting to allow for staggering of crops. The most recent addition to the Giving Garden is the potato box shown in the image. Thank you, Andrea!

In addition to the crops grown in the Giving Garden, there will be an option to donate produce from your own plot. One of our members has already indicated that they plan to donate a portion of their crop. The produce will be donated to the Wilson Centre kitchen at the Poco Community Centre.

Members who indicated on their plot rental agreement that they want to help with the Giving Garden should stay tuned for details of how you can help. If you haven’t yet signed on but are interested in working with the Giving Garden team, please feel free to contact us.

Your energy and ideas are vital to making this venture a success!

Gill, on behalf of the Giving Garden team

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