Composting Project: First Product and Updated Process

Good morning, all.

Our composting project has been a success so far, and we now have our first compost available for use.

Since this is a recent project (started last year), we are working toward the best way to make the composting process work efficiently in the garden.

To use compost from the two outer bins:

Compost is now available in the bins at either end of the row. To take compost, open the door at the bottom of the bin, fill your container, and close the door after use.

Adding fresh *clean material to the two inner compost bins:

For those adding fresh material, please use only the two inner bins to begin our next batch of compost.

There are still some inappropriate materials being put into the compost bins. Please DO NOT deposit weeds, perennial roots such as mint, or woody material such as Brussels sprouts or kale stems. Put that material into the City green waste bins. We need to be attentive to what we deposit into the compost bins as we do not want to spread more weeds in the garden though our compost

*Remember, only clean green vegetation, clean soil, grass clippings and leaves should be put in the compost bins.

Going forward, we will see if this process works for us:

  • Put fresh clean material into the two inner bins, and
  • Take outgoing compost from the two outer bins.

Happy Gardening!

Bill Herbst, President

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