President’s Message

Greetings to all you gardeners!

Now that we are into the long days of May, I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who worked hard to get our garden up and growing! And thanks also to all who participated in our work party last month. We got a lot done and the garden is looking great!

Research and Interest in More Community Gardens

Recently, there has been a lot of outside interest for community gardens in the Tri-Cities area and the need for more. A Simon Fraser University research study is currently being conducted, and our garden has been asked to participate. Garden members are each being asked to fill out a survey. The intent of the study is to build up a data base of garden member information for use by local municipalities to identify specific needs for future community gardens.

There has been much interest from the public to build more community gardens in PoCo. Currently, the City has funding in place to start two new gardens, one to be located at the new recreation complex and another to be determined. I have been participating in a group organized by the City to look into other potential sites within Port Coquitlam.

The City has also expressed an interest in becoming more involved with the local community gardens, possibly to help with organizational issues, site maintenance, and programs involving school students and others in need.

These are exciting developments for local community gardens, and I encourage you all to take a few minutes to complete the online survey if you haven’t yet done so. For those who prefer hard copy, blank survey forms are located in an orange envelope in the shed; a postage-paid return envelope is included. If you cannot mail it yourself, please drop it off in the original envelope and your survey will be posted.

In other garden news . . .

Coming Soon: A Composting Area in the Garden

We are about to start a composting area in the coming weeks. While we currently dispose of our green waste through the City’s Residential Green Waste Program, much of what is disposed is good material for composting and can be reused in the garden. Let’s aim to create as close to a “zero waste” garden as we can and try to reduce the amount that is hauled away. Stay tuned for more information.

Are You Interested in a Summer BBQ?

We are also considering having a BBQ for garden members sometime this summer, depending on interest. Please let us know by email if you are interested in a summer fete.

Happy gardening!

Bill Herbst

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