June Update

Here’s a brief update as the growing season shifts into high gear:

Community Composting (Voluntary Program)

Bill has set up four compost bins in the tarped area for our garden community to use. The purpose of the program is to make compost for the garden and to reduce the amount of green waste that we are throwing away.

This is a voluntary program. If you wish to participate, please follow these simple instructions for the green waste in your plot:

  1. Separate out the weeds and any hard woody material, such as kale stems and Brussels sprouts stems, from your green waste and discard that material in the City green waste bins.
  2. Put all soft, weed-free green and brown material into the compost bins. Examples:
Green material Old and expired soft veggie crops such as lettuce, peas, beans
Grass clippings
Brown material Fallen leaves, soil

Seeking More Volunteers

First, thank you to the garden members who have contributed their time over the past couple of months by weeding, mowing and trimming the grass, putting out and bringing in the green waste bins, and otherwise contributing to the garden community.  Your work is very much appreciated!

For those who are looking to contribute volunteer hours, here are two areas of need:

Mowing and Trimming:

The mowing calendar is open after the end of June, so feel free to pick a week or two (or three) and mark your name and plot number on the calendar hanging inside the shed door.

Weeding the Front and Side Beds:

The front and side beds need ongoing weeding throughout the growing season, so go ahead and weed whenever you have even a spare 10 or 15 minutes. It all adds up, both to your required volunteer time and to the overall upkeep of the garden community.

Be sure to record your volunteer work and time on the tracking sheet hanging inside the shed door.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

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