Ready, Set, Grow

Greetings, fellow gardeners, as May arrives and planting starts in earnest. Here’s a brief update:

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and labour at the work party on Saturday, April 27th!  It was wonderful to see so many members in the garden this past Saturday. You all made short work of distributing the mushroom manure, weeding the front bed along Mary Hill Road, replacing rotten plot border boards, dismantling the broken section of the pergola, and generally helping with spring clean-up in the garden. The garden is looking great! For those who weren’t able to make it to the work party, there will be other opportunities throughout the season. Stay tuned.

Volunteer time (when working on your own): Whenever you’re contributing volunteer time on your own in the community areas of the garden, whether weeding, mowing, trimming, or fixing, be sure to record your work and time on the tracking sheet posted inside the shed door.

Housekeeping reminders for planting season: As planting season starts in earnest, a friendly reminder of some basic rules (described in more detail in our Bylaws):

  • All garbage must be taken offsite for disposal or recycling. If you bring it in, take it out.
  • Tall and/or staked crops should be planted in a north/south direction in the centre of the garden plot so as not to block sunlight from neighbouring gardens.
  • Only organic pesticides may be used and only in accordance with City of Port Coquitlam policies.
  • Tools and wheelbarrows should be cleaned before putting them back in the shed.
  • Hoses should be completely drained of water before hanging them back up in the shed.

Plot inspection: The first plot inspection of the season is scheduled for May 15th. Details of our plot inspection process and schedule are published on our website and posted on the bulletin board at the garden.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. The best way to communicate with the committee is by email.

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