April Update + Notice of Work Party

Greetings, fellow gardeners, as early April showers mark the start of another growing season. Here’s a brief update:

Welcome to the new members who have joined our garden community this year! We’re looking forward to another productive year of growing good food. All available plots—including the new plots created last year—have now been allotted for this gardening season.

Our spring clean-up work party is scheduled for Saturday, April 27th 10 am – noon. The work includes general clean-up of all the community areas, replacing a few rotten boards on plots, and other work as needed. (Handy people: please bring a hammer if you have one.) This is a good opportunity to get a start on your volunteer hours and to meet fellow gardeners, so please plan to attend if you can.

Mushroom manure: A supply of mushroom manure for all plots has been ordered, and an allotment for each plot will be distributed at the work party.

Green cart collection: We’re looking for volunteers to put the green carts out for collection each week during May, June, September, and November. This task is ideal for someone who lives near the garden. If you are willing and available, please contact us for details. (Thank you to Janet for looking after this task during April, July, August, and October.)

Reminder if planting tall / staked crops: Tall and/or staked crops should be planted in a north/south direction in the centre of the garden plot so as not to block sunlight from neighbouring gardens. Plants taller than 6’ should be grouped. (Bylaw 17)

Pets and pet waste: A reminder that any pets brought into the garden must be on a leash. You must clean up after your pet, and take any pet waste offsite for disposal. (Bylaw 26)  Note that the City does not allow pet waste to be placed in the green waste bins.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. The easiest way to communicate with the committee is by email.

Reminders of “Upcoming Events,” including dates for work parties, plot inspection, and green cart collection, are posted at the bottom left of the web pages.

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