Highlights of the 2019 AGM

As we look forward to spring and a new gardening season, here are a few highlights of our 2019 AGM held on February 6th:

Bill welcomed members to the AGM and reviewed the main points detailed in the Annual Report sent to members as part of the AGM package. Bill also provided a few updates.

  • Licensing Agreement: Discussions with the City about the formal licensing / land use agreement have resumed, and it is expected that the agreement will be finalized this year.
  • Fence Repairs: The City kindly repaired our fence on a couple of occasions last year after individuals cut through the chain link fence to break into the garden, but the City will no longer do so. Going forward, we will be responsible for any fence repairs that may be required.
  • Green Waste Bins: The system of green waste bins implemented last season is generally working well. Members are reminded to place green waste *in* the bins, rather than beside the bins. Thank you.
  • Plot Inspection: The plot inspection program that was implemented last year will continue this year. Note: If anything comes up, such as an illness or accident or other unanticipated life event, that prevents you from tending your plot for an extended period of time, please let the committee know about your situation.
  • Volunteer Work: Thank you to all who contributed volunteer hours last season as we continue to build our garden community. We’re currently looking for members willing to put the green waste bins out for collection this season. Please contact the committee if you can help.
  • Financials: Andrea and Bill reviewed last year’s expenses and the budget for 2019. As mentioned previously, our most significant new annual expense is the cost of the insurance premium for liability insurance now required by the City. This increased annual cost meant that we needed to raise the plot rental fee to generate additional revenue to cover the expense. We also want to maintain a portion of our funds ($1,000) to cover any contingency that might arise.
  • Executive Committee: The current members of the volunteer executive committee were confirmed to continue for 2019. The committee also welcomed Jerri back from medical leave and welcomed new member, Jenny, who has volunteered to help out.
  • Plans for 2019:
    • New keys and locks have been purchased. Members who attended the AGM exchanged their old keys for new ones. Renewing members who were not able to attend the AGM will be notified of a date when a key exchange will be held.
    • Manure will be purchased for plots again this spring. Details to follow in the spring.
    • Discussion of options for the tarped area: Create new plots? Locate composting bins for pilot project? Retain as common area for extra pots? TBD
    • Social activity: Thank you to Inga and Cheryle, who volunteered to organize a social activity this season.

Looking forward to another fun and productive year in our community garden!

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