April Update

Happy Earth Day!

Here are a few ‘housekeeping’ items as the season gets underway:

Mowing: For those who volunteered to help with mowing, please select two or three weeks and mark your name on the calendar hanging on the inside of the shed door. We’re looking for coverage from now until the end of September. Mowing is done on an as-needed basis. If you’re new to using our mower, check the instructions posted inside the shed. (We’ve made other arrangements for trimming, so only mowing needs to be done.)

Cleaning tools (new protocol): As mentioned earlier, the pit drains around the taps need to be kept clean for good drainage. Therefore, please do not rinse garden tools under the taps. Instead, scrape or wipe the excess soil from tools in your plot. Once the excess soil has been removed, rinse the tools at the new wash station next to the shed before putting them back.

Shed: The shed is scheduled for a complete clean-out of extraneous stuff. If you have any personal items in the shed, please remove them by no later than May 1st. (Given the limited space in the shed, please keep your personal items at home or at your plot.)

Locking the shed and gates: A simple rule: if you are the last person to leave the garden, please check to make sure the shed is locked up and both gates are locked.

Finally, a friendly reminder that any pets brought into the garden must be kept on leash and any pet waste picked up and taken offsite. If you brought it in, take it out; this applies to all garbage.

Happy and safe gardening!

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