June Update

Here’s a recap of recent happenings in the garden:

Volunteer time: Thank you to all the gardeners who have been contributing their time by mowing, trimming, weeding, watering, and otherwise maintaining the community areas. The garden is looking great! If you haven’t yet gotten a start on your volunteer contribution for this season, here are two priority areas:

  • Front bed on Mary Hill Road: Ongoing weeding is needed to clean the bed.
  • Southeast corner of the garden and along the south fence: Needs trimming to control weeds

Please be sure to record your volunteer hours on the tracking sheet posted inside the shed door.

Plot inspection: The first plot inspection of the season was carried out as scheduled on June 2. The committee was happy to note that the majority of garden plots are well tended, with only a few issues identified for follow-up.


New plots: As you’ve probably noticed, the new plots (along the west fence) are in various stages of rehabilitation and cultivation. Unlike last year, the crops in these new plots are no longer community property but will be maintained and harvested by the individuals working them.

Bin for rocks: A plastic bin has now been placed under the trees along the south fence for collecting small rocks from garden plots. (The rocks will be used for future drainage projects in the garden.)

Hoses and water on the shed floor: The hose reel is now stored outside the shed instead of inside so as to reduce the amount of excess water gathering on the shed floor.

Water draining from hoses and sitting on the shed floor is an ongoing problem. Last year the committee purchased and placed drip trays under the suspended hoses to help address this issue and avoid the expense of having to replace the shed floor again (it was replaced just a few years ago).

Please drain hoses thoroughly before hanging them back in the shed to help keep the floor dry.

Small projects for this summer: A few projects, each requiring a small number of volunteers, are planned for this summer:

  • Creating drainage beds under the water taps
  • Painting the picnic table
  • Levelling an area near the west fence and moving the picnic table

If you would like to help with one or more of these projects, please email us with your interest.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

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