May Update

Here’s an update on recent happenings in the garden:

Mowing can resume: We now have a new lawnmower, so we are stocked for the season with two mowers. A big thank you to the City for donating a good used mower from their fleet! And a reminder to wear appropriate footwear and use the goggles and ear protectors (stored in the shed) when mowing or trimming.

Lumber for replacing planter boards: Lumber is available for anyone wishing to replace their rotten planter box boards. The boards are stacked in a pile against the south fence, and hardware and nails are in the shed. Please contact the executive committee if you are interested in making use of these materials in your garden plot.


Green waste carts have arrived! There are three carts available to dispose of garden waste. Please remember that these bins are for garden green waste only. No soil, no rocks, no trash, and no residential waste. A separate garbage bin will be set up by the shed for excess rocks, as they can be used for future drainage projects.

Formal agreement with the City: We will soon be entering into a formal land use agreement with the City, with details of the contract currently being finalized. There will be some impact to the garden finances, as our society is now required to carry insurance. Also, we will be paying an annual fee to the City for green waste disposal. Members can expect a modest increase in future membership fees.

Inspection program: The licensing agreement with the City stipulates that we adhere to our bylaws and that the garden be kept neat and tidy at all times of the year. As a result, the executive committee will be conducting periodic inspections of all garden plots. Inspections will focus on:

  • Spring start up (cultivation of plots)
  • Excessive weeds not being tended to
  • Oversized structures in plots
  • End of season clean-up

We will provide more information on the inspection program before we initiate the process.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Happy gardening, everyone!

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