Highlights from the AGM

Here are highlights from the AGM held on April 4, 2018:

  1. New President: Our director, Bill Herbst, was nominated and unanimously elected as our new president. (Last year’s president, Jerri Lavoie, has stepped back from the role but will continue to serve on the executive committee.) Thank you, Bill.
  2. Invitation to join the executive committee: We are seeking people to join the executive committee, and we especially need one or more individuals to oversee minor construction work needed in the garden from time to time. Please let us know if you are interested and willing to volunteer time to lead a work team or a specific project, such as replacement of plot boards. (Thank you, Nathan, for putting your name forward to help with minor construction work.)
  3. Green waste: We are joining the City’s green waste collection program. Green waste bins will be placed in various locations in the garden and will replace the former green waste pile at the back fence. Volunteers are needed to put the bins out for collection and bring them back in. (Thank you, Lisa, for volunteering.)
  4. Mushroom manure: A supply of mushroom manure will be purchased for all gardeners and will be distributed at the work party on Saturday, April 21st (10 am–noon). Please refer to the Work Party Notice above for details.
  5. New plots: The former raspberry patch will be converted to additional plots this year, which means that community crops will no longer be grown in that area. The only area remaining for community crops is the tarped area, and we need to consider what to do with this area in future (e.g., convert to more plots? Continue with community plantings? Community herb garden? Who will look after?) To be determined.
  6. Replace plot boards: Rotting boards around plots will be replaced where needed, with first priority given to plots most in need (e.g., Plot A). We expect to receive used bleacher boards soon from the City’s Thompson Park project, and these will be used to replace the current boards.
  7. Watering system for front bed: We’re looking into the feasibility and cost of a simple underground watering system for the front bed on Mary Hill Road to make it easier to water this area during dry season.
  8. Licensing agreement with the City: The City of Port Coquitlam now requires us to sign a formal licensing agreement and to obtain liability insurance ($3 million). The insurance premium (estimated at $500-600/year) is an unanticipated expense and means that plot rental fees will likely have to be increased next season.
  9. New website: This basic website is designed for communicating with members and with the wider community. Please review the website and provide your suggestions and feedback so that we can make sure it works effectively for members.

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